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Check our links for other personalized custom engraved gifts and decor for  wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts, home decor.  Memorials
for pets and loved ones can be engraved on marble wood or glass with a finely detailed photo. Custom photo jewelry with pictures of
your loved ones.  We can also engrave your custom artwork on items you bring to us.  The new Yeti style thermos Some restrictions
We ship anywhere but we offer pick up in the Orlando and Central Florida area by appointment.
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Custom Drinkware
Permanent Marking on clay bricks for fund raisers,
new home gifts, memorials, and more
The most well
known use for
engraved bricks is
for memorial
pathways that are
usually built for fund
raising.  This is a
popular method of
raising money for a
cause because the
unique properties of
laser engraving on
clay bricks produces
a black glass
contrast marking
that is actually part
of the brick.  This is
a green process in
that it uses no
solvents, produces
no by products and
is suitable for indoor
or outdoor use with
no signs of wear.
Other uses for
engraving on clay
bricks include
new construction
with the built date,
wedding dates
engraved for the new
couple or new baby
The possibilities
are endless.
The picture used on this web page were taken off the web to show the versatility of brick engraving.  Google
images does not supply credits for the images but I would like to thank all the contributors for their work
Bricks are available in any quantity and prices
vary according to quantity, size and shape.
Yes you can send us your own clay bricks to
us to be engraved, even used ones from a
special place.
Call or email with any questions.
For artwork ideas and images go to
This is a catalog of some of the
artwork I have available. Send me the
catalog number of what you would like
me to use