35 Noel and 11 poinsettia bulb
reg price 2.23 each

the inserts which are usually sold for
.65 cents ea
11 bulbs and inserts
sold for about 2.00 ea
Selection of porcelain ornaments
ranging in price from 1.73 to 1.90
star  quantity 3
small circle quantity 1
open edge circle 5
open edge oval 5
6 pt star 3
large circle 3
Christmas tree 3
heart 2
scallop circle 2
metal Unisub ornaments in
various shapes approx
2.00 each reg price
quantity 20
FRP ornaments  reg price 1.59 each
quantity 6
Glass sub ornaments
Regular price
hearts 3.03 quantity 2
circle 3.03 quantity 1
oval 3.12 quantity 11
Christmas stocking
quantity 10
reg price 5.44
Unisub wood ornaments
Benelux 2.06 quantity 25
circle 1.57 quantity 24
This is the list of Christmas items I
have for sublimation.
There is over $450 dollars worth of
ornaments if purchased  separately
I am selling all of it as a complete
package with some finished samples
and other odds and ends for $175.00
If no one wants it all
I will start selling it for 50% of the
prices marked on the page which can
be checked at Conde's website